Fair-Chase and Good Sportsman

Rules of Conduct

Placing yourself into an animal’s environment and engaging them on their own turf for the purpose of harvest, requires an investment in time and effort to learn about them and their habits.  A clean kill is the very minimum of respect that a hunter can exhibit toward his prey.  In this spirit, these following points and/or rules of the hunt are the written guidelines by which person(s) should  feel comfortable embracing. 

If you have had a great time at Arrowhead Ridge, it is not necessary that you tell us.  But if any part of your stay with us could be improved, or if you observed something not meeting your standards,  we ask that you please let us know.  It is only with you, the customer, that we learn how to better serve your hunting desires.   We want you to return to a place where fond memories were created, and we relish the thought of you sharing these with your friends and acquaintances.